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A hidden empire of experiences...


  • The playing area can only be used without footwear, socks are required!
  • Clothes can be placed in lockers, keys are available at the reception!
  • We are not responsible for the valuables placed in the lockers.
  • Please protect the assets of the Fun Park and keep them clean.
  • At all times children entering Napsugár Park must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All equipment can be used only at your own risk.
  • Necklaces and other hazardous jewelry must be taken off before entering the playing area.
  • All the equipment must be used properly.
  • The accompanying person is responsible for any accidents or damages resulting from improper use.
  • Any damages or shortages in the equipment of Napsugár Park must be refunded by the causer.
  • Pets are NOT ALLOWED in Napsugár Park!
  • No drink or food is allowed in the playing area!
  • We are kindly asking the accompanying persons and older children to pay increased attention to the younger children.
  • Slides can only be used in a sitting position! Leaning out, standing up, jumping, or climbing backward is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
  • Please do not bring ill, diarrheic, vomiting or convalescent children, or kids with high temperature to preserve the health of other children!
  • The instructions of Napsugár Park Staff must be followed under all circumstances. Any person may be banned if a gross violation of safety rules or any other disruptive behavior occurs. The banned person must leave the area of the Park upon the warning of any security guard or staff member without being eligible for reimbursement of the admission fee.
  • Napsugár Park will not take care of children without an accompanying person.
  • The single admission ticket is a one-time pass, and is not transferable to anyone else.
  • Chewing gum is prohibited in the playing area
  • Smoking in Napsugár Park is only permitted in the designated areas!
  • By entering the Playhouse each visitor gives permission that all group photos and video recordings shot in the Park in which they appear may be used for promotional purposes by Napsugár Park.