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A hidden empire of experiences...


The newly opened Napsugár Park in Bük is an excellent source for playing, adventures and sports.

Everything started during a conversation in 2011...
As the production in the sand and gravel mine of our construction company has come to an end, both the territory and the application funds became available to bring our dreams to life. Then the events sped up, the planning and authorization process started, and soon a more than 3,000 m2 building was raised in the neighborhood of a beautiful, 5.5-acre lake.

Our main goal is to bring a smile on each child’s face, and to offer an unforgettable day for the families in today's rushing world.

Playhouse (1700 m2)

For the Children, a two-level play labyrinth is available in which there are two swings, a springboard, a wave slide, a pipe slide with a sea of balls and a climbing tunnel, and a smaller air castle.

For the Adults, there is a four-track springboard, a four-level labyrinth combined with thrilling elements on 300 m2 (with a four-cannon shooter, and a three-lane, 15-meter wave slide with a sea of tunnel slide balls) which offers memorable adventures.
In addition, there are go-kart racing cars with adjustable sitting distance, run bikes, tricycles, two large air castles, one of them in the shape of a huge crocodile mouth. If you are clever and quick, you can climb in there before the mouth is shut, and then comes the sliding.
If this is still not enough, you can spin inside an inflatable ball in the indoor pool, run around or even sit in a water dodgem.

Skating in shorts during the summer? Even this is possible in our Park! Visit us and try it on a 90 m2 skating rink! Tired after a day's play, if you get hungry or thirsty a lot, you can surely find something delicious on the menu of the buffet, whether hot or cold meals and drinks.


Bowling-loving guests and groups of friends can relax in the 2-lane, UV-lit bowling center, where children can take their part as well. We will even offer some assistance to guarantee success...

Fitness Room

There are two American squash courts, and a fitness room with the most advanced fitness equipment available for ladies and gentlemen who wish to exercise and train.

Outdoor entertainment facilities

A 15-element playground, a 9-hole mini-golf course, a sandbox and a paddling-pool are all there for you to squirt and cool off as you like. But be careful when you spot a ZORB ball rolling down from a huge hill as it may just as well be your Mom or Dad trying it out.
The promenade around the lake is great for taking a long walk, while your Mom and Dad can sunbathe or cook outdoors.

We hope that by the end of the day you will leave pleasantly exhausted, re-energized and full of great memories! We are confident that we can soon welcome you again for another exciting day as our major goal is to see you all smiling, pleasantly tired and leaving the park while asking your Mom: “Just a very last one, please!”